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Last Updated Jan 2021

Information contained on a Birth, Marriage or Death Certificates.

Details contained on a full Birth Certificate include:

  • Name, date and place of birth.
  • Father's name (if given at time of registration).
  • Place of birth and occupation.
  • Mother's Forename
  • Place of birth.
  • Mothers maiden surname and, after 1984, occupation.
  • Please note that registrations made before 1969 do not include details of the parents’ place of birth and mother’s occupation.
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    Details contained on a Marriage Certificate include:

  • Date and place of marriage.
  • Name, age and marital status/condition of the parties.
  • Occupation and usual address.
  • Name and occupation of each party's father.
  • Names of the witnesses.
  • Name of the person who solemnised the marriage.
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    Details contained on a death certificate include:

  • Name, date and place of death.
  • Date and place of birth (before 1969 a certificate only showed age of deceased).
  • Occupation and usual address.
  • Cause of death.
  • The person who gave information for the death registration.
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