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Summary of Records

At the Public Record Office, records are normally kept together according to the department which created them.

The vast majority of records which relate to the Navy are in the Admiralty or ADM lettercode. Within the lettercode each collection, or class, of records is assigned a separate class number. Thus, most navy widows' claims for back pay are to be found in class ADM 45. It is these class numbers which are referred to throughout this guide.

The table below gives a summary of the major types of record available. For a more comprehensive list see Roger, Naval Records for Genealogists.

Rank Period Record Type PRO Ref
All ranks Up to 18th Century State Papers, oaths of allegiance  

Commissioned Officers

From 1782 Navy Lists  
All officers 1756 - 1966 Service records ADM 196
All officers 1817 - 51 Survey returns ADM 9, ADM 6, ADM 11
All officers 1673 - 1847 Succession books ADM 6, ADM 7, ADM 11, ADM 106, ADM 76
All officers 1668 - 1923 Full & Half Pay registers ADM 22 - ADM 25, PMG 15

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