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A quick look back through UK history

A quick look back through UK history identifying the different periods to put your findings into context.

Prehistoric Britain
5000 BC Britain connected to the European land mass, is separated from the continent by melting ice forming the English Channel.
3000 Stone Age people arrive.
2100 Bronze Age begins
2000 Stonehenge built
1650 Trade routes begin to form
1200 Small Villages are first formed
700 Migration of Celtic people from Central Europe
500 Iron Age begins

Roman Britain
54 BC Julius Caesar heads first Roman Invasion but later withdraws
AD 43
Romans invade and Britain becomes part of the Roman Empire
70 Romans conquer Wales and the North
119 Emperor Hadrian builds a wall on the Scottish Border
140 Romans conquer Scotland
254 St Alban becomes the 1st Christian martyr
350 The Picts and Scots attack the border
410 The Romans withdraw from Britain

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