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Sources for Architectural History

A brief description that describes the unpublished sources noted in the National Register of Archives (NRA), the principal relevant repositories with strong collections relating to architectural history and the general works of reference.

Indexes to the National Register of Archives

The indexes to the NRA are indexes to the creators of records. It is possible to search for the records of corporate bodies or the papers of families and individuals, and for groups of letters from prominent individuals which are to be found in collections other than their own. It is not possible to use the indexes to search for single letters or papers relating to a certain theme, eg Rococo.

Architects' papers are noted on both the NRA Personal Index and Business Index. Papers of architects who appear in major biographical works of reference such as Who's Who are most likely to be noted on the Personal Index, while records of architectural practices should all be found on the Business Index. Papers of some individual architects are also noted on this index.

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