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Websites - 9 of the best US sites

Did any of your ancestors immigrate to the New World?

If so these sites are definitely worth visiting, so check them out

Cyndi's List
Cyndi's List is one of the most well known genealogical sources on the Internet, and currently gains 15,000 hits a day. It is maintained by Cyndi Howells and is a free site aiming to provide a "voluntary effort in order to give a bit back to the online genealogical community." Consequently, it is pretty plain and doesn't rely on flashy graphics. However, its content more than makes up for it. It contains a comprehensive index of Genealogical sites from all over the world. The list is cross-referenced and updated regularly by Cyndi, and can be accessed alphabetically and by topics including 'Localities,' 'Ethnic Groups' and 'Records.' Located in the topic 'Immigration, Emigration and Migration' is a link to 'The Mayflower,' while topic'People and Families' includes links to 'Pocahontas' Descendants' and 'List of sailors in the first voyage of Columbus.'

The Statue of Liberty
From 1892 to 1924,22 million people from all over the world came through the huge immigration centre on Ellis Island in search of a better life. Maintained by the Statue of Liberty - Ellis Island Foundation, this site has a searchable archive of the passenger lists or 'Ship Manifests' of immigrants. It's very easy to perform a search - the minimum you need is a surname - and if you don't get a direct hit, you can search close matches or misspellings.

Results are shown with year of arrival and the protagonist's age, although with so many names, it will help your search if you have additional details, such as the initial or name of the ship.

It's free to perform a search, but if you want to view the actual log, you'll need to register (also free to do). For $45 you can become a member of the foundation, entitling you to discounts and to build an online 'Scrap book' including photos and annotations.

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