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Births, marriages & deaths

Order Certificates birth, marriage and death

When you start your family history research it is crucial that you obtain accurate primary source material. This will allow you to verify and document your family tree.

Certificates of birth, marriage and death contain useful information that will allow you to trace back your line.

Certificates are obtained in a number of ways, depending on the country and which "life event" took place.

The civil registration of these "life events" began at different times in England and Wales, Scotland and Ireland:

  • Births & Deaths Marriages
    England and Wales 1837
  • Scotland 1855
  • Ireland 1864

Material covering the years 1698-1968 for India and related countries i.e. Aden, Burma, China (Macao and Whampoa), Kuwait, Pakistan, St Helena, Straits Settlements (Penang, Singapore, Malacca) and Sumatra see Oriental and India Office Collections.

If you are trying to find documentation of a birth, marriage or death occurring earlier than the above dates, you will need to find out about records kept by churches, chapels or synagogues - see the topic Religious Records.

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