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Our service is boon for people new to genealogy, or to those of you who have busy lifestyles and do not have the time to do your own research.
We carry out research for you and guarantee the results we supply to you.
All our work is carried out by our team of qualified researchers.
There are no extra charges other than those published on the web site

We have access to data world wide, not just the uk. We have access to all the data carried by the major web sites and more besides.

About St

Most web sites that address the topic of Genealogy and Family History focus on providing you with hundreds of different search links to resources leading to hours of frustrating pointless searches. Following those links can mean trolling through, and downloading many useless pages of information.

This is where St comes into play - St provides a single resource that covers all things related to family history - from starting out on your research, to identifying specific family members and obtaining copy certificates. We do it all for you, our team of experienced researchers handle each request personally and we guarantee the results we supply are accurate.

Why are we different?

Our experience has taught us that although tracing family history is extremely addictive and can raise some fascinating facts - it can also be very confusing and frustrating - particularly for those that are new to genealogy. St Caths made a conscious decision from the outset that rather than providing direct access to genealogy resources it would provide a value-added service by gathering a team of experienced researchers that would search historical records on request. St's team has collectively over 35 years in the field of family history and has experience in several specific areas. We often consult directly with the General Register Office and Public Record Office.

All the searches that are requested by our customers are therefore handled exclusively by our team and are carried out on your behalf. They search the records for you ensuring you get fast (some searches are returned in minutes), and accurate results. If we do not find matches we will provide a full list of suggestions on the reasons why a match has not been found.

Our researchers have helped. National Television Research for programs such as Touch of Frost, This Morning, Richard & Judy.

We can help you evaluate which resources are the best to use for researching specific information, how to start planning a family tree, focus on specific elements of family records, and how best to deal with them.

If there is something you need clarified or addressed, you can ask us, and we will get you the answer or put you in contact with the right resource.

Our experienced researchers have helped countless people with their quest to trace individuals, and have helped some of them find the members of their family they thought were lost for good. We know we can help you, too.
We have access to all the resources carried by all the major web sites, plus many more world wide, and we don't charge a fortune to look for your ancestors for you.


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